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November 18, 2013

Paulette Lawson - Louisianna

Paulette Lawson's T-Shirt Quilt
Paulette Lawson T-Shirt Quilt
Paulette's T-Shirt Quilt was pieced and stabilized to perfection.  It was a joy quilting the design 1000X06 scrolls on her quilt.  The scrolls add a unique look to the quilt.
Paulette Lawson T-Shirt Quilt

Paulette Lawson T-Shirt Quilt

Paulette Lawson T-Shirt Quilt

1 comment:

  1. This was my first quilt ever, and I had so much fun putting it together. My daughter (who is now 26) saved every T-shirt from her high-school days. She asked me to make a T-Shirt quilt for her. I had alot to work with, and chose the ones from each year that had special meaning to her. By trial and error, I managed to get it all put together. I also managed to keep it a secret from her that I was "trying" to get this done by Christmas. I "GOOGLED" quilting and found Diane's website. It was so hard to choose designs, but with her help, I managed to finish the quilt to their specs and shipped it off to them. When I got it back, I was thrilled. Couldn't believe that I made this! And, on Christmas morning, my daughter was so excited when she opened that gift! I was so happy to give her something that would last a lifetime!


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